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Window Film Quality

At Bee Cool “we don’t make window film, we make window film better”. As with all products there are different grades or qualities of product. Being a clear/transparent product it may be difficult for consumers to see the difference between high quality and low quality products. With low quality products, quite often it is not until 5 years down the road that the low quality can be seen. Bee Cool product lines are warrantied for up to 10 years and depending on conditions, may last up to 20 years. They will not peel, burn, lose their colour or diminish in effectiveness over time.

To give some perspective, following are some of the common problems that come with a cheap, low quality window film:

  • With low quality products you will start to see distortion when looking through the window film. Your exterior view will be blurry/hazy.
  • The 99% UV protection can degrade down to 40% UV rejection after only 3 years.
  • Heat rejection performance of the product significantly degrades with time.
  • The colour from roll to roll is inconsistent.
  • The colour may fade or turn a purple or yellow tinge.
  • Low quality products can off gas at unhealthy levels.
  • Warranties may be “too good to be true” and make false claims or hold extensive caveats.
  • No anti-scratch coating, or the low quality anti-scratch coating will break down. The window film will have a white powder look to its surface that looks like dry skin.
  • Bubbling and peeling is common in low quality products.
  • The cost of removing these low quality products can cost more than the original install. This is due to the adhesive “burning” to the glass becoming difficult to remove.

When choosing a window film solution we recommend going with the highest quality product you can get, which is what we offer with our Bee Cool product lines. Read some testimonials from satisfied customers, or browse through our Heat, Privacy & Glare Control Glass Coatings and/or give us a shout and we can help you make an informed decision about our high quality products.